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Fuchs und Elster

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere in Weserstraße, where new bars spring up like mushrooms overnight. Visit the hidden club in the basement on the weekends.

In summer or when the weather allows it, the outdoor seating of the bars along Weserstraße looks like a row of pearls on a necklace, which makes this street the perfect place for bar hopping. For the sake of the neighbors the outdoor fun ends around 12pm, but it goes on inside.

During the day you can come to Fuchs und Elster, named after a children’s TV series from the old German Democratic Republic, and have coffee and cake. However, the main attraction remains the small and fun club in the basement, where on Fridays and Saturdays the young crowd likes to sweat to Balkan music.

Already full? Don’t panic! Keep walking and visit the gay bar Silverfuture next door, or Kuschlowski, just a few steps further. Or visit the popular bars Ä or Tier…or just pick spontaneously any other bar on the street.


Fuchs und Elster
Weserstraße 207
12047 (Neukölln)
Opening hours
Every day, 12pm-12am
Friday and Saturday club from 12am (closing time varies)
  • U7U8 Hermannplatz
Wheelchair access
52.4880918°N 13.4300033°E

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