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Located practically opposite Ä, making it easy to visit both of them; something you can rely on when you feel like having a drink or two.

The longer you spend in Berlin, the more you tend to hang out in your favorite area. To put it in other words: you get lazy! Suddenly, it's too far to travel to another district of the city, be it Prenzlauer Berg, Wedding, or Mitte. When it comes to Neukölln, there is also no reason to go anywhere else. Everything you need is within crawling distance. Although Westerstraße is becoming increasingly popular, you can still find some really nice bars (see Ä, Fuchs und Elster), and there are plenty to choose from.

Smaller but with the same atmosphere as Ä, Tier has large windows to the street that might make you feel as though you are on display. Maybe that’s what the name is all about: an animal (Tier) in a cage. Strangely enough, you tend to forget about it as soon as you enter the place, and focus instead on ordering drinks at the bar or talking with some interesting folks.

Both Tier and Ä seem to attract older guests, and here you will be able to meet Germans as well as international people. Just the way one likes it!


Weserstaße 42
12045 Berlin (Neukölln)
Opening hours
Everyday from 7pm
  • U7 Rathaus Neukölln
Wheelchair access
52.4867189°N 13.4343715°E

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