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Come here and bring old memories from your childhood back to life. Organic products baked directly in the café by the owner.

When you enter the cafe and see Anette Koch baking at the counter, you remember immediately helping mom in the kitchen, mixing the dough and tasting it before putting it in the oven. It gives you a genuine feeling and you get the impulse to order one of the freshly baked cakes.

Wireless Internet doesn't exist here on purpose. So instead of watching pale faces in the light of their laptop, cropping on Farmville or changing their status on Facebook, you can just be there or pick a random book from one of the shelves.

The furniture, mainly second hand sofas and tables, makes you feel at home. The comfortable armchairs invite you to stay long. Before you might fall asleep, walk five minutes to the interesting store Mirikado on Pflügerstraße, where Miriam Buhr sells, among other things, clothes, bags, and accessories from Berliner designers.


Anzengruberstr 19
12043 Berlin (Neukölln)
Opening hours
Tue-Sun 11am-7pm
  • U7 Rathaus Neukölln
Wheelchair access
52.48095°N 13.43959°E

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