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Different dance floors inside, a large area for drinking, eating and chilling outside, and a variety of artists performing every now and then: this club feels more like a festival than a club.

Greek mythology tells the story of Sisyphus, who got punished for his misdeeds, and condemned to the eternal task of rolling a large stone to the top of a hill. And he does it over and over again without success. Maybe this is the way you are supposed to party in this club: endlessly!

Sisyphos is located in an old dog cookie factory on the Hauptstraße, in the district of Lichtenberg. The club is only open every now and then, so have a look below or at their website to find out when.

The decoration consists of odd objects hanging on the walls or from the ceiling like dolls, artificial flowers, peculiar lamp shades, together with the essential disco balls, kitsch as usual. Outside you can sit down on a sofa, eat a vegetarian pizza, or go and have a ride on one of the playground animals.

Here you will hear German mixed with English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Often there are free shuttle buses from S-Bahn station Ostkreuz. You can also take a cab but remember to say you want to go to Hauptstraße in Lichtenberg. This is important because there are several streets with this name in Berlin.


Sisyphos, Hauptstraße, Berlin
10317 Berlin (Lichtenberg)
  • S3 Berlin Rummelsburg
  • S3S5S7S8S9S41S42S75S85 Ostkreuz, then take Sisyphos shuttlebus
Wheelchair access
52.49869°N 13.48077°E

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