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Garten der Welt

Try the maze if you dare. Or go for a walk and check out the different gardens. Then have a seat in the beautiful chinese teahouse at the pond and try one of many teas.

Garten der Welt is a big park with gardens from Japan, China, Bali, Korea, Italy and also one inspired from the Christianity. The Chinese garden is the biggest in Europe and has been designed by Chinese architects. All the construction material used, was imported from China.

In the garden you'll find a few coffee places and playgrounds for children. Why not go there with a friend, or a date, or maybe a day excursion with your parents?

Garten der Welt is located in Marzahn, the northeastern part of Berlin . It opened in 1987 and therefore used to be a part of the GDR. It's said that they let it built as a response to the Britzer Garten in Westberlin.

Just outside of the park, you see the for GDR typical Plattenbau-houses. The houses are built together from ready made concrete slabs, thereby the name, Plattenbau.


Garten der Welt
Eisenacher Straße 99
12685 Berlin (Marzahn)
Opening hours
Every day from 9am - closening times varies (but at least until 4pm)
+49 (0)30 700 90 66 99
  • S7 Marzahn;
  • then bus 195 -> S Mahlsdorf;
  • stop: Erholungspark Marzahn
Wheelchair access
52.53969°N 13.57877°E

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