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This garden is like a green lung in the city and part of the urban gardening movement. Participate yourself or just enjoy the oasis while having a coffee or a bite to eat.

This 6,000 square meter fallow land was just an empty space for more then 60 years, part of the time hidden by the Berlin wall. In June 2009 more then one hundred volunteers helped clean up this area and threw away more then two tons of garbage. Prinzessinnengarten onlu gets contacts on a yearly basis, therefore everything is movable. The plants are planted in old milk packs, rice bags and plastic containers from bakeries.

If gardening is not your thing, you can support the project visiting the cafe. At daytime there are drinks and cakes and after 6pm you can eat various vegetarian dishes prepared from the organic garden products.

It's also possible to buy some vegetables or spices to bring back home. After a short introduction you get your own sharp knife, and you're free to walk around and cut the things off that you want.

Urban gardening as concept started in the USA in the 70ies where a group of activists turned an abandoned place into a garden. The idea brings with it a lot of advantages: make the city you live in greener, decrease the CO² with fewer and shorter transports etc.


Prinzenstraße 35 – 38
10969 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
Opening hours
Garden every day 11am-6pm
Café every day 11am-10pm
  • U8 Moritzplatz
Wheelchair access
52.50289°N 13.41034°E

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