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The interior here makes you wish for bad weather, so you can sit inside without bad conscious. Add some delicious galettes, crepes and filling salads on top of it. Irresistible!

Manouche offers crepes and galettes, different salads, cheese platters and quiche. For you who doesn't speak French as a mother tongue or ever visited the country, crepes are the sweet pancakes, usually served as dessert and galette are more suitable as main course, made out of buckwheat and are more savory.

Located on Grimmstraße, Manouche is not far away from the hip Graefestraße and Landwehrcanal. Many of the seats outside, fill up almost immediately after 2pm when they open. Maybe this only reflects that this district Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain has the most unemployed people in Berlin. Or is it just filled with spare-time-fetishists? Or simply both?

Galette with blue cheese, serrano ham and walnuts with a salad on the side makes a perfect lunch. The one who feels more like a sweet thing orders a crepe filled with pear, chocolate, almonds and ice cream on the side for example.


Grimmstraße 23
10967 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
Opening hours
Tue-Sun 2pm-1am
+49 (0)30 77 90 86 99
  • U8 Schönleinstraße
Wheelchair access
52.49362°N 13.41516°E

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