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To eat like a Neanderthal doesn't necessarily mean that the guests look or behave like it. This Paleo restaurant is probably the first of its kind in Europe.

Paleo kitchen – or for normal people – stone age food, cooked without sugar, grains and milk, is served in the Sauvage in Neukölln's Pflügerstraße. And it's not only for the lactose or gluten intolerants. The owners Boris and Rodrigo are self taught chefs and they do their job very well. The food needs a lot of time to prepare, don't come here if you're in a hurry. Boris and Rodrigo had the idea of opening this place when they started themselves to eat like Homo neanderthalensis, and it made them feel very good, so they went out to save others.

The three main courses, of which two are usually with fish and meat and one is vegetarian or vegan, change every week. Finding out that people in the stone age were actually gourmets comes as a bit of a surprise. That is, you can leave your scepticism at home.

On the menu for the week were a tasty vegetarian moussaka made of zucchini and mushroom, served with a apple-olive salad. The meat dish was a delicious beef stir fry with sesame and pepper served with almond-chapati and a carrot-lemon-coriander salad. The portions were plenty, and left no room for a dessert. (Good excuse to go back soon).

They only exception from the Paleo concept are the drinks. So no worries there is milk with your coffee if you like. Let's not overdo it.

The guests here are young, old, couples. And no, they don't wear animal furs. Also, the wooden clubs are usually left at home.


Pflügerstr 25
12047 Berlin (Neukölln)
Opening hours
Tue-Sun 6pm-12am
+49 (0) 53 16 75 47
  • U8 Hermannplatz
Wheelchair access
52.4899803°N 13.4333733°E

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